EDCPRO: Clinical Trial Data Management Software

EDC that guides study coordinators and monitors toward consistent data collection and protocol interpretation. The system also offers a complete suite of data management tools to support medical monitors and database managers that includes SAE reconciliation, preparing the database for DSMBs, interim and final analysis and much more:

  • Inventory management
  • Site payment
  • Online help
  • Randomization IVRS/IWRS
  • ePRO
  • Document management
  • PDF archiving
  • Data import using CDISK ODM compliant XML format
  • Ad hoc reporting and status review
  • WHODrug dictionary-supported medication entry
  • Medical coding
  • Multi-level custom validation
  • Protocol deviations and violations check
  • Multi-language
  • SDV query management
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance

In addition, EDCPro has a complete set of data management tools to support the work of Medical Monitors, Database Managers, Statisticians and Medical Writers, including:

  • On-demand PDF/Excel case histories
  • On-demands plots and graphs
  • Coding medical history, adverse events, medications
  • Reconciling SAE between the clinical and safety databases
  • Preparation of database for the DSMBs
  • Preparation of the database for formal interim and final analyses

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EDCPro brings the whole team together.


EDCPro's workflow process delivers consistent and timely results through a flexible and intuitive database platform.